• Vipowhite Checkout Counter Porcelain Superstore Terrazzo

    Vipowhite Checkout Counter Porcelain Superstore Terrazzo

    Imagine that today you arrive at a coffee shop with elegant white terrazzo, decorated with a few POTS of plants, fresh and tidy. It feels like whatever clothes you wear to come here will fit in with the environment.
    Covet terrazzo with its high wear resistance, high cleanliness, high design, non-combustibility, corrosion resistance and bright color, is widely used in the ground laying of public and private space. Bathroom floors and walls also work well together.
    Modern terrazzo color style is very much, like soft macaron, beautiful metal color block, low-key gray.... The application of terrazzo in household sheet is also quite outstanding.

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  • Snowball Blue INS style bathroom fibonacci terrazzo

    Snowball Blue INS style bathroom fibonacci terrazzo

    If you want to have a bathroom completely different from the past, you can try new ideas for wall and floor styles, such as moving large blue terrazzo into your home.
    The ocean-like blue background color is wrapped with large pearl-like spar particles, which will create a fashionable atmosphere for the shower area and wash, while giving you a full sense of tranquility and comfort.
    It is mixed with fine sand-like asphalt white quartz stone countertop bathroom cabinets and warm wooden storage racks in one area, and the effect must be very colorful.

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  • Grey Jungle custom outdoor terrazzo glass

    Grey Jungle custom outdoor terrazzo glass

    Pay attention to customized quartz stone countertops and terrazzo with many color patterns. Among them, the charm of quartz stone comes from the combination of its excellent quality and unique custom-made textures.
    Terrazzo is not only exclusive to the ground, but also more flexible for paving on the wall. It can be paving the whole wall or half of the wall. The more invisible the pattern of the quartz stone is, the more precious it becomes. The use of it to show the kitchen countertop or the island is undoubtedly the most sincere respect and affirmation of this space. The use of quartz stone countertops can easily resist the erosion of color juices such as soy sauce.
    While it can simulate the texture of natural stone, its durability is also excellent. The terrazzo used on the ground is stain-resistant, corrosion-resistant, has no peculiar smell and no pollution. It is an excellent helper for kitchen activities.

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  • Beige Cream Grey Terrazzo Stone Used For Flooring

    Beige Cream Grey Terrazzo Stone Used For Flooring

    Now precast terrazzo products become more and more wear-resistant, environmental protection, high hardness, color and pattern are more and more rich.
    This makes pandomo terrazzo products have more application possibilities in various scenes of life.

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  • Dark persia grey bathroom floor and wall italian terrazzo

    Dark persia grey bathroom floor and wall italian terrazzo

    The fashion trend of color is like the trend track, going around and turning into a circle at the end.
    The wisdom and confidence contained in the classic quartz stone countertops bring a sense of stability.
    Bringing it into the kitchen and matching with terrazzo with perfect decoration and usability, it looks extra elegant and calm.
    If you like a well-fitted built-in sink, VIPO can also customize it for you, so the overall effect is even more icing on the cake, renewing the kitchen can also eliminate sanitary corners.

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  • Persia black floor and wall acrylic terrazzo

    Persia black floor and wall acrylic terrazzo

    The unique black is mixed with spar-like particles, like materials from another mysterious planet. Excellent anti-corrosion ability, high temperature resistance and anti-beating characteristics, let it reveal a tough and unruly straight male style.
    If you are obsessed with the texture of the material and the simplicity of the outline and lines, you might as well try using it to create walls and floors, and then use a dark walnut base cabinet to add a bit of warmth.
    It must be unexpected.

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  • Grey Cinderella Expectation Bespoke Terrazzo

    Grey Cinderella Expectation Bespoke Terrazzo

    With simple and comfortable natural elements as the inspiration for the design of terrazzo products.
    The real terrazzo products emphasize the humanistic temperament while perfectly combining with modern fashion, creating a modern home space with unique temperament of VIPO brand and leading the new generation of terrazzo living culture with job requirements for terrazzo bathroom,terrazzo kitchen,terrazzo outdoors.

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  • Grey Tephra Ideal Floor And Wall Natural Terrazzo

    Grey Tephra Ideal Floor And Wall Natural Terrazzo

    With the rapid development of new materials, new technology and new equipment of terrazzo, the new integrated terrazzo can achieve the texture similar to natural granite stone and achieve the artistic effect difficult to be expressed by natural stone.
    Its design is colorful, showily elegant. The whole product is environmentally friendly, durable, and the same life as the building.

    In recent years, it has been favored by designers and users. New commercial terrazzo, with perfect decorative and use, widely used in office space, exhibition space, exhibition space, venue space, commercial space, etc.

    At the same time, it has the advantages of convenient construction, short construction period, no environmental pollution, and the problem that the traditional terrazzo can not be constructed on site.

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  • Ivory White Bathroom Precast Terrazzo

    Ivory White Bathroom Precast Terrazzo

    Terrazzo refers to the stone mixed with cement into concrete products, by water to smooth the surface of the products. The application of terrazzo not only has a good display in the commercial air, but also is very brilliant in the home decoration space.
    The terrazzo floor can not only achieve the hardness of stone and ceramic tile, but also replace the plain and simple cement and wood floor.
    Moreover, the changeable parquet of terrazzo can also create a unique personalized space.

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