• 1.Why countertops engneeredquartz stone is always your first choice?

    #Porcelain is a harder and denser material that is excellent for floors but not for #countertops. porcelain #tile or so call #porcelainslab is brittle and may crack under impact, grout line can easily stained and discolor, For countertops #engneeredquartz #stone is always your first choice, especially for a busy #Kitchencountertop .

  • 2.What is advantage of engineered stone?

    Compare with the traditional building material such as ceramics, engineered stone not only function is diversiform, color is rich, application scope is more extensive, but is non-toxic, low radioactive, flame retardant, non-sticky oil, no pollution, anti-bacterial and anti-mildew, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, easy maintenance, easy to fabricate. Engineered stone technology originated from Europe, and well developed in China. The market for it is new, and good prospective.

  • 3.Engineered stone family.

    Engineered stone is usually refers to the engineered solid surface, engineered quartz stone, agglomerate stone and terrazzo etc. Different types of engineered stone, its composition is not the same, but main ingredients are resin, aluminum powder, pigment, white cement and some curing agent. Its manufacturing process is a chemical material reaction process, with the progress of science and technology of human society and the development of the practical scientific material engineered stone is mainly used in the building decoration industry, it is a new environmental protection composite material.

  • 4.What can we deal with engineered stone?

    Engineered stone covers applications in residential and commercial interiors include kitchen bench tops, splashbacks, bathroom vanities, wall paneling, flooring, furniture and more.

  • 5.Classification Of Stone And Definition Of Artificial Stone

    As a kind of top-grade building materials, decorative stone is known by few people about its classification and functions. Decorative stones can mainly be classified into natural stone and artificial stone. Normally, the stone in the market are marble, granite, terrazzo and synthetic stone. Among the marble stones, the white marble is of top-grade.Granite is harder than marble. Terrazzo is made from cement, stone granule. etc. Synthetic stone uses gravel of natural stone as its raw material, which is then pressed and polished with adhesive. The last two of the stones mentioned above are artificial stones. Thus they are harder than the natural stone.

  • 6.What is water absorption and penetrability?

    Water absorption is a measure of the water absorption of a substance, while penetrability refers to the ratio of the submerged volume. Higer water absorption means higher penetrability. Terrazzo’s water absorption is about 0.1%-0.5%, is characterized with high particle strength and low water absorption, better than natural stone.

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