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Product Inspection

Each piece is derived from a strict standard. 

Inspection items and methods   

1.   Inspection of packaging and accessories仓储04_副本.jpg

1.1 Conformity of cartons, certificates, instructions and orders;

1.2 Carton printing and specifications shall meet the order requirements, such as certification marks, 

      functional requirements, weight, etc.

1.3 The carton and packing bag shall be damaged, the quality shall meet the standard, the serial number 

      of the product, all the stickers on the carton shall meet the requirements, and whether the product 

      shall be packed with packing tape.

1.4 Attachments of the products shall be consistent with the order, and there shall be no mistakes 

      or omissions.

1.5 The packing box should be clean and free of foreign matter and filth.

Appearance inspection微信图片_20210607113802.jpg

2.1 Check the quartz stone surface should not be scratched, uneven and bump phenomenon and so on.

2.2 Check the surface color of quartz stone to average, and each piece is consistent.

2.3 Check the quartz stone surface treatment should be smooth, average luster, and the brick is not dirty. 

2.4 Check the quartz stone pattern must meet the requirements of PO, there can be no decolorization or 

      deoiling phenomenon.

2.5 Check quartz stone specifications and products and PO consistent, such as color, material, size and weight.

      Weight = volume x (2.36 ~ 2.4) kg/cube meter

Specification to check

3.1 Quartz stone size test: two identical bricks face to face superimposed together, rotate one of 验货###.jpg      

      them the size of the same, right Angle corresponding  (error ≤2.0mm).      

3.2 Quartz stone sound discriminant test: tap brick with hard objects, listen to the sound (sound 

      clear for good, slightly stuffy sound for the  product, sink sound  for the product).

3.3 Quartz stone drip test: drop on the surface of the brick on the right amount of water, waiting  

      for 10 minutes, the surface of the clock can not seepage (yellow for the products).

3.4 Quartz stone contamination test: remove the brick surface wax with a dry cloth and blade,  

      drop on the dirty oil, tea product or ink in the center, wait for 10minutes, clean with water,  

      test results can not stain the surface.

3.5 Quartz stone strength test: ≥ 90MPa, no brick burst.

3.6 Quintz stone flexural strength test: ≥16Mpa, no brick burst.

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