• Cheap affordable and cost-effective light grey bubble terrazzo for household Factory

Cheap affordable and cost-effective light grey bubble terrazzo for household

Brand VIPO

Product origin China

Size 2400x1600mm/3000x1200mm

Thickness 18mm/20mm/30mm

Item Bubble

Warranty 10years

Materials 95% Natural crashed stone & white cement

Features Durable

Finished Customized

Applicaton Kitchen,Bathroom,Outdoor,floor and wall,benchtop,Furniture,House,Villa,Apartment,Project

The kitchen is not only the place where the deliciousness between the lips and the teeth occurs, but also the energy field of the family atmosphere.
The “connotation” and “face value” of the kitchen are becoming more and more abundant with the optimization of the design. The classic and atmospheric quartz stone countertops and the witty and varied terrazzo, the collision of materials and colors, and the stunning rough stones, the creative ideas that burst out are already ready to go.
Make the fireworks more colorful!

Cheap affordable and cost-effective light grey bubble terrazzo for household


Product Details:


House,Villa,Apartment,Project,and so on...

Product Type:Terrazzo
Item No.:Bubble
Product Name:Bubble
Materials:95% Natural Crashed stone & White cement


Package(Conventional loading method):

Thickness:Piece per pallet Pallets per containerPiece per container

About Terrazzo

Terrazzo is the stone mixed with cement to make concrete products after the surface of the polished products. Can be used to lay the ground, wall, outdoor garden, etc., can also be made into a table, sink, furniture, etc.

Terrazzo has high plasticity, as well as flexible color pattern collocation scheme, can meet a variety of industrial, commercial, education, medical and other industries for space ground needs.

The application of  terrazzo

Terrazzo is a multi-functional, multi-purpose decorative materials, many people know that terrazzo, from the ground began, but there are also a lot of people do not know that the use of terrazzo is not only limited to the ground.

  • For floor:Terrazzo ground we have seen, with the continuous improvement of technology and materials, the quality of the new terrazzo ground (brightness, hardness, etc.) is almost the same as marble and other natural stone, more importantly, the pattern and color control is far better than natural stone.

  • For wall:In order to highlight the integrity of the design, many times the designer will use the design of terrazzo wall, terrazzo wall has a very good appearance, durable, moisture-proof and other functions.

  • Outdoor:Terrazzo can be used outdoors, such as the garden floor, wall, and can be made into outdoor tables and stools used. No fear of wind and rain. It is a very good outdoor building material product. At the same time has a very high cost performance.

  • Terrazzo stairs:The advantage that stair step uses terrazzo is, durable, prevent skid, beautiful, can coherent the design style of up and down space.

  • Customize the space:The scope of customization is very wide, including: shower room integral stone customization, kitchen integral stone customization, terrazzo table and chair, integral terrazzo bar, park terrazzo bench, terrazzo slide, terrazzo pool, terrazzo decoration and so on.

The advantages of terrazzo

  • table light highlighting after the high brightness of more than 70, dust and slip to reach the quality of marble;

  •  surface hardness of 6-8 grade;

  • can be optional splicing color, color can be customized preparation;

  • not cracking, not afraid of rolling heavy vehicles, not afraid of heavy objects dragging, not shrinkage deformation;

  • can not afford dust, high cleanliness; Cleanliness to meet pharmaceutical, chip manufacturing and other high clean environment requirements;

  • non-flammable, non-ignition, aging resistance, stain resistance, corrosion resistance, no peculiar smell without any pollution;

The maintenance of terrazzo:

  • Daily maintenance: Sweep with a broom, vacuum, or dust with a treated oil-free mop, and polish with a synthetic fiber pad (not steel velvet).

  • Regular maintenance: wet drag or brush with a machine, regularly use the finished sealing wax recommended by the terrazzo supplier, which can better extend the service time of the terrazzo, and the appearance of the product will be more beautiful.

What is advantage of engineered stone?
Compare with the traditional building material such as ceramics, engineered stone not only function is diversiform, color is rich, application scope is more extensive, but is non-toxic, low radioactive, flame retardant, non-sticky oil, no pollution, anti-bacterial and anti-mildew, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, easy maintenance, easy to fabricate. Engineered stone technology originate...more
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