• Black Arorra Caesarstone Countertops Used In Kitchen Factory
  • Black Arorra Caesarstone Countertops Used In Kitchen Factory
  • Black Arorra Caesarstone Countertops Used In Kitchen Factory
  • Black Arorra Caesarstone Countertops Used In Kitchen Factory
  • Black Arorra Caesarstone Countertops Used In Kitchen Factory

Black Arorra Caesarstone Countertops Used In Kitchen

Brand VIPO

Product origin China

Size 3200x1600mm/3000x1500mm/3000x1400mm/2500x1400mm

Thickness 12mm/15mm/20mm/30mm

Item PG1607

Warranty 10years

Materials 93% Natural quartz grid & Epoxy resin

Features Durable

Finished Customized

Applicaton Kitchen,Bathroom,Countertops,Vanitytops,benchtop,Furniture,House,Villa,Apartment,Project

It’s time for summer cleaning, and that might mean a few things in the house are getting a refresh too — especially after several years of spending a lot of time in the kitchen.
Whether you’re looking for vanity with quartz surface on top or quartz furniture from which to take in summer’s hot or seeking a new quartz kitchen countertop to make cooking dinner a little easier, visit us.

Black Arorra Caesarstone Countertops Used In Kitchen


Product Details:

Brand:VIPOcaesarstone countertops


House,Villa,Apartment,Project,and so on...

Thinkness:12mm/15mm/20mm/30mm/customer setting...
Product Type:Quartz
Item No.:PG1607
Product Name:Black Arorra
Materials:93% Natural quartz grid & Epoxy resin

caesarstone countertops used in kitchen



With the improvement of living standards, people attach great importance to food culture. 

As a kitchen that is used every day, three meals a day are cooked here, which brings happiness and touch to people. 

The cabinet is the skeleton of the kitchen, and the countertop is the "face" of the cabinet. 

Most of the cooking processes are inseparable from the countertop, so there can be no sloppy design of the countertop.

It is precisely because the bathroom environment is humid, so the requirements for the moisture resistance of the furniture material are particularly high, and not all countertop materials are suitable for bathroom countertops.

Black caesarstone countertops

caesarstone countertops

caesarstone countertops used in kitchen


VIPO quartz stone, with "leading the trend of space decoration art, superior to the use performance of natural stone" as the research and development direction, re-engraving the natural high-grade stone texture, the surface texture of the quartz stone is clear, rich in layering, and the color has subtle changes in details. 

Giving people a noble and elegant feeling. The texture is thick, the texture is natural and flexible, and it reproduces the natural charm of stone.

Black caesarstone countertops

caesarstone countertops

Package(Conventional loading method):

Thickness:Piece per pallet Pallets per containerPiece per container

About Quartz

Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals in the earth's continental crust.Quartz is a mineral that has been used in the making of kitchen and bath countertops for many decades.This is one of the top countertop materials that is purchased amongst builders, contractors, and homeowners alongside marble and granite.

Since quartz is one of the most durable minerals on the planet, you can bet that your quartz countertops will have a very long lifespan as long as you take good care of them. 

The application of quartz stone

  • Can be widely used in public buildings (hotels, restaurants, banks, hospitals, exhibitions, laboratories, etc.)

  • Can be widely used in the field of family decoration (kitchen table, wash table, kitchen and bathroom wall, table, tea table, window sill, door cover, etc.).

The advantages of quartz stone

  • The surface is durable and bright: compact structure, no microhole, no water absorption, strong anti-fouling, the daily condiments in the cabinet can not penetrate, after precise polishing treatment, the surface of the product is easy to clean and take care of, can maintain lasting luster, bright as new.

  • Scratch not flower: the product surface hardness is higher than the general iron, can be placed on the table any household items. (but should avoid diamond, sandpaper, hard alloy and other high hardness items scraping the table)

  • Resistance to dirt: quartz stone table has a high level of no pore structure, water absorption rate is only 0.03%, enough to prove that the material basically no penetration phenomenon, every time after the use of the table with water or neutral detergent to wash the table clean.

  • Anti-aging, no fading: the aging phenomenon of the material can not be seen at normal temperature; Not under strong sunlight for perennial irradiation, color does not change too much.

  • Non-toxic no radiation: the authority of the state health organization for the demonstration of non-toxic health materials, can be directly in contact with food.

The maintenance of quartz stone:

  • do not put high temperature or hot pot directly or long put on the table: directly from the stove or oven, microwave oven to take down the hot pot, hot pot or other high temperature utensils and utensils will bring damage to the table.

  • The operation should try to avoid using sharp items to scratch the table: no matter what kind of table to choose, should be on the cutting board cutting food, in addition to avoid leaving knife marks, damage the blade, but also can do better cleaning and hygiene.

  •  The table as far as possible to keep dry: keep the table clean, as far as possible not to soak the table for a long time or water, keep the table clean and dry.

What is advantage of engineered stone?
Compare with the traditional building material such as ceramics, engineered stone not only function is diversiform, color is rich, application scope is more extensive, but is non-toxic, low radioactive, flame retardant, non-sticky oil, no pollution, anti-bacterial and anti-mildew, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, easy maintenance, easy to fabricate. Engineered stone technology originate...more
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