• White shell commercial colorful marvel gems terrazzo

    White shell commercial colorful marvel gems terrazzo

    As a new social place in the kitchen, vibrant colors can infuse it with warm and sincere smoke and fire, and it will also make your family and friends willing to stay here for more time.
    If you don't like the design style of the one-by-one, you can try to use jumping color terrazzo walls and floors, and elegant quartz stone countertops to brighten the atmosphere of the space.
    In addition, you can also add all kinds of furniture and utensils to change the old image of the kitchen that is mediocre and greasy.

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  • Pandomo pinacolado green outdoor terrazzo

    Pandomo pinacolado green outdoor terrazzo

    In the morning daylight, rows of wavy shadows were printed between the pleated white gauze curtains, which echoed the fine gem-like patterns on the green terrazzo floor of the balcony next to it.
    The light slowly goes in with time, softly illuminating the balcony, rich in colors but quiet and gentle. The house is designed for yourself according to your own preferences, and the balcony is a corner that cannot be ignored.
    What kind of touch can the combination of different colors, patterns or materials bring out? My favorite is the colorful terrazzo walls and floors, with practical and elegant quartz countertops.
    Every time I come to this area, I can hardly conceal my inner joy. Enjoy a cup of coffee and read a good book. It is another beautiful day.

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  • Colorful Grape Shot Counter Marvel Gems Terrazzo

    Colorful Grape Shot Counter Marvel Gems Terrazzo

    Now our aesthetic level has improved, the diameter of terrazzo stone at that time is at most 2cm, before the dense and random color of terrazzo as early as most people can not accept.
    Later, European and American designers broke the convention and boldly used large particle size stone aggregate, and introduced it into the family scenes that were basically not involved in the past, such as kitchen countertop, dado, wall brick, etc., making terrazzo products have a brand new visual experience.

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  • Red Sea Ecostone Terrazzo For Wall

    Red Sea Ecostone Terrazzo For Wall

    Medley terrazzo is not only exclusive to the ground, the wall shop is more clever, the whole wall or half wall shop can be oh.
    Venice terrazzo has good wear resistance, and a certain acid resistance, alkalinity, the surface is bright and beautiful, can be made into a variety of decorative patterns according to the design requirements, to meet the use of the building function and artistic requirements. Therefore,krion terrazzo is more used for architectural decoration, such as floor, dado, skirting board, stair step, window sill board, partition board, balcony fence board and pool, water tank, etc.

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  • Beige Garfield Flooring Ecostone Terrazzo

    Beige Garfield Flooring Ecostone Terrazzo

    Terrazzo products are non-toxic, flame retardant, mildewproof and antibacterial, and the surface hardness can reach 6-8 grade. Terrazzo has these good properties so that it can be applied to a lot of scenes and fields.

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