• Pink Fruit Punch Girly Colorful Terrazzo

    Pink Fruit Punch Girly Colorful Terrazzo

    The colorful color of terrazzo brings vitality and vitality to the living space. Pink is mellow and lovely,every color is having his style, build the individualization that belongs to oneself lives in.
    Find your favorite home style, take a selfie with a terrazzo, and impress your friends on Instagram and Facebook.

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  • Pink Margarita Fantasy Terrazzo Beauty

    Pink Margarita Fantasy Terrazzo Beauty

    Tide is really an elusive thing. The rustic terrazzo, which was widely used on the ground floor in rural areas several decades ago, is now on fire again. This time, the scope of the fire is wider. All because cement terrazzo is so beautiful.
    The decoration style of modern space focuses on simplicity, warmth, humanization, avoid grandiosity and fancy, the rationalization of space and give people a feeling of beauty, and naturali stone terrazzo can change the design modeling according to the scene at will, no matter what style, can be better expressed and presented.
    Terrazzo is like a variety of personality, come to the home with a belong to your personality corner.

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  • Grey Tequila Bathroom Washed Terrazzo

    Grey Tequila Bathroom Washed Terrazzo

    These new terrazzo are mainly good-looking in pigment color and aggregate material color.
    Not only in the color, the quality of modern terrazzo has been greatly improved. Just as I said, the older terrazzo is all dolomite, which is the scraps in the building. The texture is soft and easy to grind, which has drawbacks such as cracking and water seepage in the later stage.
    Now the main use of agate, crystal these high hardness of high-grade aggregate, add pigment after the color of the cement base, and the collocation of the aggregate constitute the beauty of terrazzo.

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  • Nero Grey Outdoor Cement Terrazzo

    Nero Grey Outdoor Cement Terrazzo

    Modern terrazzo is not only beautiful, it has many reliable advantages, high hardness, high wear resistance, waterproof, oil proof, environmental protection and reliability, high service life and so on, cementitious terrazzo can be said that the collection of "beauty and talent in a suit".
    The wall is made of vives terrazzo, which further enhances the overall design sense of the space, emphasizes the overall effect, emphasizes the taste, and pays attention to a kind of comfort of life.

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  • Grey Corn Niro Outdoor Granite Terrazzo

    Grey Corn Niro Outdoor Granite Terrazzo

    The advantages of terrazzo 1-2:
    (1) highlighting terrazzo, table light highlighting after the high brightness of more than 70, dust and slip to marble quality; The surface hardness reaches 6-8 grade; Optional splicing color, color can be customized preparation;
    (2) No cracking, not afraid of rolling heavy vehicles, not afraid of heavy objects dragging, not shrinkage and deformation.

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  • Khaki Black Kitchen Floor Terrazzo Concrete

    Khaki Black Kitchen Floor Terrazzo Concrete

    To make the weathered, abrasive terrazzo to restore its beautiful beauty, the key is to form a glass film on the surface of terrazzo. The technical principle of terrazzo ground grinding machine is: the weathering and abrasion of the terrazzo surface is planed to reveal the fresh layer, and then through a special mechanical method in the terrazzo surface to produce a very complex role and form a new glass film, so as to restore the natural bright decorative effect of terrazzo.
    The whole process includes many steps. To fundamentally solve the problem, so that the rough dirty terrazzo becomes smooth and bright, treating the symptoms and the root cause, to achieve the mirror effect. Low renovation costs. Construction without pollution, no dust, no mud splash or noise, such as shopping malls, hotels can be constructed while operating. Can change the traditional ground construction technology, such as the ground can be first laid wool board or first spell flowers and then grinding. Not only can reduce the cost, but also can eliminate the construction of the joint.

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  • Grey Pussy Foot Eal Terrazzo Out Of Doors

    Grey Pussy Foot Eal Terrazzo Out Of Doors

    Infiniti terrazzo advocates concise, without space to bring pure texture lasting appeal. For high quality terrazzo outdoor application: Epoxy terrazzo beautiful grain decorate your yard; The ecostone terrazzo is easy to clean and can make you better to clean and maintain the courtyard; Terrazzo stone non-slip surfaces allow you to move between courtyards with better protection.

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  • Childish Khaki Pink Terrazzo For Kindergarten

    Childish Khaki Pink Terrazzo For Kindergarten

    In recent years, the popular style of retro home decoration, so pink terrazzo has been blown back by this wind.
    And under the designer's skillful hands, through the new process transformation, let it mottled uneven texture and color match, corussed more vitality, now precast has long faded the original gray appearance, become colorful and fashionable terrazzo.

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  • Concise Just White Terrazzo White Quartz Used In Apartment

    Concise Just White Terrazzo White Quartz Used In Apartment

    Real terrazzo, seemingly simple and elegant color and structure, can inadvertently touch your visual nerve.Large chip terrazzo contracted do not break interest again, this is the resin terrazzo life atmosphere of a kind of easy and comfortable that pursues.

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