What Are the Advantages of Terrazzo?


(1) terrazzo (also known as commercial terrazzo) surface light highlighting treatment, high brightness to 70~90 degrees above, dust and skid to marble quality.

(2) wear resistance terrazzo, surface hardness up to 6-8.

(3) made or prefabricated terrazzo stone, can be randomly splice color and color can be customized.

(4) the new terrazzo does not crack, not afraid of heavy rolling, not afraid of heavy drag, not shrinkage deformation.

(5) no dust, high cleanliness; Cleanliness to meet the pharmaceutical, chip manufacturing and other high clean environment requirements.

(6) inorganic terrazzo does not burn, does not fire, resistance to aging, dirt, corrosion, no odor without any pollution.

(7) color bright bright and clean, if need to improve the brightness of the floor wax or crystal, (does not affect its anti-static performance), hardened wear - resistant water mill stone, without wax can also maintain long-term gao li.

(8) the terrazzo decorative bar is now horizontal, horizontal and vertical, there is no gap between the bar, the connection is compact, the overall beauty is good; Commercial terrazzo can be arbitrary design patterns, to achieve beautiful decorative results.

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