How to choose quartz stone countertops easily?


When it comes to the material of cabinet countertops, people who have had decoration experience will flash three words-quartz stone. Because of its strong hardness and excellent performance in wear resistance, it is very popular in the market. So, how should quartz stone be distinguished from good or bad?

No.1 See the thickness

Generally, the thickness of quartz stone for cabinet countertops should be more than 1.5 cm in order to have good earthquake resistance and toughness. Too thin, it is prone to breakage in daily use.


No.2 See content

Quartz stone countertops are artificial synthesis of quartz crystal and resin, and the content of quartz crystal should be above 93%. If not, the strength may be affected. When purchasing, you can check the test report provided by the merchant.

quartz countertops

No.3 See the density

There are two kinds of quartz stone production: pressed plate, pressed by high temperature and high pressure. The inverted template is made by casting with a mold. In comparison, the pressed board is denser and harder and more wear-resistant. If the particle size of the front and back of the stone is inconsistent, the back side is large and the front side is small, it can basically be concluded as an inverted template. If uniform, it is a pressed board.

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No.4 Scrape with a knife

Scrape it with a knife on the quartz stone countertop. If there is powder, the density is lower and the quality is poor. If there is no powder, the density is high and the quality is better.


No.5 Roast with fire

Use a lighter to bake on the quartz stone sample block for a while, scrub with water, if the yellow color that cannot be wiped off appears, the quality is poor. What can be wiped off is good quality, not afraid of scalding, and high temperature resistance.

quartz countertops

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