How does Terrazzo Floor Tile Rise Ash to Solve?


Terrazzo floor tile is used after a period of time, easy to appear the situation of ash, although will regularly do and maintain, but can only maintain for a week or so, also can appear such a situation, how should this do? Let us understand together today, terrazzo floor tile ash how to solve?

1. The first to terrazzo floor tile floor treatment, clean up the surface of the dust.

2. Then use a concrete reinforcer, which can penetrate into the terrazzo floor tiles for better protection. At the same time          the surface of terrazzo floor tile will be more smooth.

3. In the later period, only simple maintenance and maintenance are needed. If there is damage in some places, it should        be  handled in time to avoid more serious damage.

The above is about terrazzo floor tile ash solution, I hope to be able to give you help, doing so can not only save time, but also reduce costs. This paper is provided by terrazzo floor brick factory for reference only.

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