How About Artificial Stone Countertops? How to Buy and Maintain?


Artificial stone mesa is made of high quality resin and powder, additives, etc. Because its appearance is beautiful, durable, take care of the advantage of convenient, the love that gets owner people deeply. Next small make up to talk about, artificial stone mesa in the yellow application at home.

Above all, the choose and buy of man-made stone mesa: owner is in when choose and buy man-made stone, had better undertake buying in bigger building material city or professional dealer place, because the artificial stone that sells on the market, as a result of quality is uneven, the price difference is bigger also, because this owner sees the actor and bad of material very hard to distinguish only surface. As a result of the artificial stone performance of different material material differs quite far, so when choosing and buying artificial stone, should check the scale of material manufacturer, actual strength and the test report of the product and qualification certificate, can buy the artificial stone that is at ease so.

Next, the maintenance of artificial stone mesa: owner is in daily life, should notice the maintenance of artificial stone mesa. If in place when hot pot, do not put directly on the table, with pot pad or pot rack. When making spareribs meal, had better let the waiter give good cut during buying, avoid to undertake operation on stage, lest damage mesa. If man-made stone mesa appeared crack, had better seek original manufacturer or ambry company undertakes repair.

Again, before the installation of artificial stone mesa, the top of the ground cabinet should use a large core board or solid wood for the bottom, and then install artificial stone mesa, so as to prevent man-made stone mesa cracks or due to uneven thermal conductivity and deformation.

Finally, as a result of the cutting area to bear the strike force is larger, so it is best to cut the area covered with a line, in order to increase the resistance of the table. Prevent force is too big and make mesa appears the circumstance that craze is out of shape. When buying artificial stone mesa, can ask for the sink that mesa is cut to the manufacturer and part of gas stove, in order to be used for the shop that windowsill and pass door stone installs.

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