Development Prospect of Quartz Stone


Quartz stone as a new healthy environmental protection product in line with the national sustainable development strategy was introduced into the domestic market in the 1980s. Although the quartz stone industry of our country starts later, but pass the rapid development of more than 10 years, already became the material of the first selection of ambry mesa, and apply to toilet extensively wash a face stage, windowsill, eat stage, business stage all sorts of indoor place such as stage. 

The industry presents a very encouraging situation, cultivating a huge potential consumer market, in the market size and application penetration rate are among the world's top. According to incomplete statistics, the country's large and small artificial stone production enterprises nearly 10,000, has become a new decorative materials field can not be ignored; For the prosperity of China's decorative materials market, to improve the quality of people's home life has made an important contribution. 

In the next few years, the global quartz market will still maintain a good momentum of growth, the application of commercial space will be the main growth point. But at the same time, there are also some problems: small-scale enterprises, product quality is uneven; Product price competition is more and more intense, with the phenomenon of shoddy repeatedly; Information asymmetry causes consumers to choose and buy more blindly. 

Quartz stone forecast report analysis: it is expected that the next few decades, quartz stone will develop more varieties to adapt to different decorative materials field. In terms of production process, molding production will be the main way of quartz stone production in the future. 

Molding production using a molding process, the surface can be directly pressed out before and after the water edge, material utilization rate of up to 99%, do not need subsequent sanding, water grinding and other surface processing processes, do not produce any waste gas, water and dust. In the product market, will break through the traditional application field, the application prospect is very broad, especially all kinds of special-shaped artificial stone building materials products, such as handicrafts, artificial stone wall, floor tile, furniture fabric, ceiling, etc. Can replace high-grade pottery and porcelain, lumber, metal class adornment material completely.

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